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Tags are placeholders that can be used in expressions to make your watch face dynamic. All properties that accept tags will open a Expression Builder dialog when clicking the '…' button next to the property value.

Date & Time

Tag Description Example
dyyYear 2015
dyYear 15
dyyYear 2015
dnMonth in year 3
dnnMonth in Year 3
dnnnMonth in Year Mar
dnnnnMonth in Year March
dwmWeek In Month 1
dwWeek in Year 10
ddyDay in Year 61
ddDay in Month 2
ddzDay in Month with Leading Zero 02
ddimMaximum days in the current month 31
ddw2Day of weekMo
ddwDay of Week Mon
ddw0Day of wek int (0-6) 1
ddw1DAY int (1-7) 2
ddwwDay of Week Monday
ddw0Day of Week in Month 1
daAm/Pm Marker PM
dhHour in day AM/PM (1-12) 4
dh24Hour in Day (1-24) 16
dh23Hour in Day (0-23) 16
dh11Hour in AM/PM (0-11) 4
dh23zHour in Day (with leading zero) (00-23) 16
dh24zHour in Day (with leading zero)(1-24) 16
dhttHour in day (1-12 tens)
dhtoHour in day (1-12 ones)
dh24ttFirst Digit of the Hour in Day (1-2) 1
dh24toSecond Digit of the Hour in Day 6
dh11zHour in day AM/PM (with leading zero)(00-11) 4
dhzHour in Day AM/PM (with leading zero)(01-12) 4
dh11ttFirst Digit of the hour in day AM/PM (0-1) 0
dh11toSecond digit of the hour in day AM/PM (0-9) 4
dh23ttHour in day (0-23 tens)
dh23toHour in day (0-23 ones)
drh0Rotation Value for Hour Hand (12 hr) 120
drh24Rotation Value for Hour Hand (24 hr) 240
drhSmooth Rotation Value for Hour Hand (12 hr) 145
drmh24Smooth Rotation Value for Hour Hand (24) 252.5
dhtString Value for Hour (12 Hour) Four
dh24tString Value for Hour (24 Hour) Sixteen
dmMinute in Hour 55
dmzMinute in hour (With Leading Zero) 55
drm0Rotation Value for Minute Hand 330
drmSmooth Rotation Value for Minute Hand 332.6
dmtMinute in hour (tens)
dmoMinute in hour (ones)
dmatString Value for Minutes FIFTY FIVE
dmttString Value for Minutes (Tens Place) Fifty
dmotString Value for Minutes (Ones Place) Seven
dsSecond in Minute 14
dszSecond in Minute (With Leading Zero) 14
drsRotation Value for Second Hand 264
drmsRotation smooth value for second hand
drmsSmooth Rotation Value for Second Hand 271518
dsszMilliseconds (with leading zeros)
dspsSeconds * 1000 + milliseconds
dzTimezone PST
dzzTimeZone Pacific Standard Time
dtpTime (% 24 hours)

Watch Battery Level

Tag Description Example
blpBattery Level Percentage67%
blnBattery Level Integer67
btcBattery Temperature °C28°C
btinBattery Temperature °F82°F
btcnBattery Temperature °C (integer)28
btinBattery Temperature °F (integer)82
bsBattery Charging StatusNot Charging
brRotation value for Battery level250

Watch Device Info

Tag Description Example
zdeviceDevice NameXT1063
zmanuDevice ManufacturerMotorola
tmodelWatch nameMotorola 360

Phone Info

Tag Description Example
pbpPhone Battery Percentage10%
pbnPhone Battery Number10
pwlPhone Wifi Level0.3

Weather Info

Tag Description Example
wmWeather Units (F/C)F
wlcWeather LocationVenice
wthTodays High63
wtlTodays Low48
wctCurrent Temp62
wcciCurrent Condition Icon1
wcctCurrent Condition TextFair
wchnCurrent Humidity Number38
wchpCurrent Humidity Percentage38.0%
wsunriseSunrise Time for Current Location6:51 AM
wsunsetSunset Time for Current Location6:51 PM
wsunrise24Sunrise Time for Current Location (24hr)6:51
wsunset24Sunset Time for Current Location (24hr)18:51
swunristhSunrise Hour for Current Location6
wsunrisemSunrise Minute for Current Location20
swsunsethSunset Hour for Current Location5
wsunsetmSunset Minute for Current Location51
wsunriseh24Sunrise Hour for Current Location (24hr)6
wsunseth24Sunset Hour for Current Location (24hr)17
wfahForecast Day 1 High63
wfalForecast day 1 Low48
wfactForecast Day 1 Condition TextSunny
wfaciForecast Day 1 Condition Icon1
wbbhForecast Day 2 High66
wfblForecast day 2 Low48
wfbctForecast Day 2 Condition TextSunny
wfbciForecast Day 2 Condition Icon1
wfchForecast Day 3 High72
wfclForecast day 3 Low50
wfcctForecast Day 3 Condition TextSunny
wfcciForecast Day 3 Condition Icon1
wfdhForecast Day 4 High76
wfdlForecast day 4 Low54
wfdctForecast Day 4 Condition TextSunny
wfdciForecast Day 4 Condition Icon1
wfehForecast Day 5 High78
wfelForecast day 5 Low56
wfectForecast Day 5 Condition TextSunny
wfeciForecast Day 5 Condition Icon1
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