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-====== Welcome to Watchface Builder Wiki ====== +{{ :funktionsgrafik.png?nolink |}} 
-{{ :funktionsgrafik.png?nolink&600 |}}+ 
 +====== Welcome ====== 
 +Welcome to the official wiki for Watchface Builder – Ultimate Watchface Builder 
 +Watchface Builder allows you to fully customize your own watchface, using text, images, custom expressions and much more!  
 +====== First Steps ====== 
 +If you are new to Watchface BuilderThen you should have a look on the [[first-steps|first steps instructions]] on how to  
 +build your first watchface. 
 +====== Create a dynamic watchface ====== 
 +Learn how to build dynamic watchfaces with [[tags|tags]] and [[expressions|expressions]].
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